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Asbestos, What is the problem?
Large amounts of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) were used for a wide range of construction purposes in new and refurbished buildings until 1999 when all use of asbestos was banned. This extensive use means that there are still many buildings in the UK which contain asbestos.
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I am a Home Owner-what do I need to know?
Asbestos can pose a threat to any home environment if the building was built or refurbished before the year 2000, this means it's extremely important to have a full understanding of what you should and shouldn't do if you come across asbestos in your home.
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I am an employee, what do I need to know?
If the work you do means that you are likely to come into contact or disturb Asbestos Containing Material (ACMs) your employer MUST ensure that you are trained in Asbestos Awareness as a minimum requirement; this usually means either attending training or carrying our an online course to inform you of the facts and how to ensure you and those around you are not exposed to asbestos.
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I am the client what should I be doing?
Who is the Client - Anyone who has construction work carried out for them. The main duty for clients is to make sure their project is suitably managed, ensuring the health and safety of all who might be affected by the work, including members of the public. CDM 2015 recognises two types of client.
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I am the Duty Holder, what are my responsibilities?
In brief, Regulation 4 of The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR 2012) contains an explicit duty on the owners and occupiers of non-domestic premises, who have maintenance and repair responsibilities, these duties are to assess and manage the risks from the presence of asbestos.
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I am the employer, what do I need to do?
As an employer, you are required to provide a safe place of work for your employees as far as is reasonably practicable. Therefore, if your employees will foreseeably come across ASBESTOS during the course of their normal work you MUST provide them with ASBESTOS Awareness Training as a minimum in order that they can recognise and avoid ASBESTOS whilst in the workplace.
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I am the Principal Contractor on site, what must I do?
Due to the shift in responsibilities under the new Construction, Design & Management Regulations 2015 (CDM Regs 2015) there is a potential duty for the Principle Designer (PD) and the client C) to ensure that exposure to Asbestos is being managed throughout a construction project.
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What members of the general public need to know
When the word Asbestos is mentioned, or asbestos stickers are seen on a building material many people feel a sense of panic as they associate this with ill health and possibly death-the common myth that one fibre is enough to kill is also often mentioned. Asbestos is only a problem when fibres are released and inhaled, and usually, this would be in very large quantities to cause any risk of decease. There is no cause for alarm in the overwhelming majority of these situations.
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