Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Online Training

  1. The Terms and Conditions detailed herein are general in nature and refer to all works, regardless of type carried out, or planned to be carried out, by Asbestos Training Limited herein known as ‘The Company
  2. The term ‘Online’ refers to our unique UKATA Approved Asbestos Awareness and Asbestos Awareness Refresher courses provided by our E-Learning system
  3. The term ‘Licence/s’ refers to a single user login to the online system, these can be purchased separately or in bulk form herein referred.
  4. The term ‘Client’ refers to the company or the individual making the course booking, if a third party is to receive the training booked by our Client it is to be noted that said third party’s contract may be with the named Client on our booking form and not with The Company.
  5. The term ’Delegate’ is the name of the person whose details are entered onto our systems profile page and refers to the person undertaking the training exclusively.
  6. The term ‘Corporate Client’ refers to a client who purchases multiple licences for their OWN staff on an account basis.
  7. The term ‘Bulk Purchase’ refers to a client who intends to purchase licences for distribution to their OWN staff on a more ad hoc basis.
  8. The online training is provided in good faith and will be available as long as The Company remains a UKATA online training provider.
  9. The term ‘Third Party Reseller’ refers to a third party who will purchase with a view to reselling to their clients. Where third party resellers operate with The Company, they MUST be registered as a UKATA registered reseller and pay the fee required by UKATA at the time of registration and may not advertise the courses without the accompanying UKATA reseller statement and the courses must be priced higher than the RRP that The Company has set for itself. Any reseller who chooses to terminate their reseller status with the Company mid-term will waiver any refund of the reseller fee paid. The Company reserves the right to terminate a reseller status and any time with no refund offered.
  10. The system will be available 24 hour per day 365 days per week with the exception of advertised system maintenance or failures which are out-side of The Company’s control.
  11. There is no pre-requisite for undertaking the online training course and is open to any delegate who may require specific certification for asbestos awareness training. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine if online asbestos training is suitable for their requirements.
  12. The UKATA Asbestos Awareness (Asbestos Awareness Refresher) E-Learning certificate obtained will be valid for one year from the day of completion and this will be reflected on the certificate expiry date. Once the user has logged in and completed their profile, this constitutes acceptance and no refund will be issued, nor will refunds be issued where the delegate has obtained their certificate. Where the wrong training has been booked or any refund is requested, irrespective of the reason, a refund will be given where the training materials have not been activated however, The Company reserve the right to charge an administration fee for issuing a refund, this is calculated to account for the additional fees that we have been charged by your credit card company and our company for issuing a refund. This is set at £5.00 + VAT (£6.00 Inc VAT) per user licence issued, this will be deducted from your initial payment to cover the administration and fees charged.
  13. a) Payments made online will usually be verified immediately and the username and passwords will be released by email directly funds are cleared.
    b) Payments made by cheque or BACs where no account has been agreed will be due immediately and no licenses can be released until payment has been received and cleared.
    c) Payments made on account will be subject to a satisfactory credit check, accounts will have a credit limit assigned and may have individual terms agreed but, in ANY event, payment will be due on terms of 30 days net.
  14. All training material provided to the Client will be in accordance with and comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 or the latest Regulations introduced. All material for the asbestos awareness course will be correct at the time of publishing and will be updated accordingly as and when the legislation and guidance change.
  15. The Company will collect and retain data that is necessary for us to provide our professional services to our Clients, now and in the future, in accordance with GDPR May 2018.  We will also collect and retain data that will ensure our legal duties are met both now and in the future.
  16. All certificates will be issued to the successful delegate direct via email, unless otherwise agreed with the person paying for the course. Each certificate will be marked with a unique reference number for verification purposes. Copy certificates are available, however we reserve the right to charge an administration fee for these.
  17. Licences will expire 12 months from the point of purchase, but once activated by completion and submission of the profile page the delegate has 90 days to complete the training and submit their test. Reminders will be automatically be sent to the email address inputted on the delegate profile. If the delegate has not completed the training within the allotted time allowed then The Company reserve the right to recharge the delegate
    The Company can only provide access to UKATA approved e learning while it is still available and offered through UKATA, if UKATA decide that no more e learning certificates will be issued, we cannot be held liable and cannot issue a refund for purchased credits, likewise should we no longer become a member of UKATA again no refund would be issued for purchased credits. Refunds will only be issued while we are a) a UKATA member & b) UKATA can still issue e learning certificates through their certificate generator.
  18. 24/7 Instant Logins Guarantee using the automated system online.
    After completing the payment process your login details will be instantly sent to the email address you used at the payment process, if the email address that is entered is incorrect, The Company cannot guarantee instant login details being provided. In addition, if you do not click the link back to our website, your logins will be also delayed and therefore The Company are unable to guarantee instant access to the online asbestos awareness course site.
  19. Acceptable Devices for E-Learning
    Whilst every effort is made to ensure our E-Learning is suitable across all devices, we suggest you ensure your web browser is current. The best way to check the status of your web browser is by visiting http://www.whatbrowser.org. This website will give you details of the version and if there are any updates required. As per UKATA's E-Learning standards, we also recommend a screen size of 10" or more and a minimum of 7"
  20. Refresher Training where previous qualifying UKATA certification has been completed at asbestos awareness, asbestos awareness refresher or higher level will be available to be used to enable the asbestos awareness refresher portal access. The asbestos awareness refresher portal will not be accessible if the previous certificate is out of date by more than 6 months when the refresher is completed or 90 days after validation, whichever is the shorter period. Reminder emails will be sent and there will be a visual countdown on the training screens. Our system can refresh ANY qualifying certificate from ALL and any other UKATA provider, the system cannot provide refresher where previous training is from a non UKATA provider.
  21. Training Support is available 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) Whilst the office is closed support can be obtained by email correspondence, where we aim to respond to you within a 4-hour period but reserve the right to respond on the next working day. Delegates are reminded that for out of hours queries the Company’s F.A.Q.s are available to access while using the online system.
  22. All prices quoted by Asbestos Training Limited, The Company, with a view to undertaking work, are exclusive of VAT.
  23. Corporate clients who have their own dedicated LMS access to the online system will be required to review and agree with the additional T&Cs for Corporate Accounts at their first visit to the site.
  24. The Company reserve the right to charge interest on the full invoice value of any overdue or non-payment invoice during dispute at a weekly rate of 8% above current base rate.
  25. The Company reserves the right to adjust prices quoted in its literature if necessary, after a 90-day period from publication of such literature, this will not affect fees already paid.
  26. Website advertised prices are subject to change without prior notification.