During The Course Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t answer the question and it keeps failing me on the module questions.
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All of the answers to all the questions have been mentioned in the voice over and the text, you need to revisit the module pages to source the answer. We cannot help you answer the questions. Please take your time and listen and read the information, this will ensure you understand it and are successful. Experience shows that when delegates do not read the information or listen to the voice over, they continue to fail, this will eventually take you longer to pass, please take your time.

The system is showing an error, or the site has stopped working.
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If that should happen, please stop what you are doing, all your work has been saved. Please close down the browser and wait 10 minutes, there may be an Internet issue and waiting 10 minutes might be enough time to allow the internet or our system reset itself.

I have just noticed that the name at the top of the screen is not mine, will the certificate be wrong?
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Yes, the certificate will be wrong. You need to STOP immediately as this cannot be changed. Please contact the office and explain what has happened and they will need to reset your username and profile page.