I am the Principal Contractor on site, what must I do?

I am the Principal Contractor - What must I do?

Due to the shift in responsibilities under the new Construction, Design & Management Regulations 2015 (CDM Regs 2015) there is a potential duty for the Principle Designer (PD) and the client (C) to ensure that exposure to Asbestos is being managed throughout a construction project.

Communication with the PD and C through their Duty Holder will be vital at the planning stage of the project to ensure that information is shared in a timely manner. All information regarding asbestos should be noted in the Construction Phase H&S Plan and surveys and reports available during the project. Site Supervisors and Managers can benefit from attending a Project Managers Asbestos Course or Duty to Manage one day course.

The Principal Contractor (PC) still maintains overall control of the site during the construction phase and must ensure that all workers are suitably trained and competent to carry out their work, this will include ensuring that all workers where necessary, have Asbestos Awareness training. This will apply to any refurbishment works in buildings where they are built before the year 2000. It does NOT apply to new build in general, although precautions should be taken in respect of asbestos when preparing the ground prior to the build phase.

If any ACMs are to remain in the finished project the details must be entered into the Health & Safety File that will remain with the building throughout it’s use until demolition.

See CDM Regs 2015 HSE for more details.