Terms and Conditions for In-House Training

  1. The Terms and Conditions detailed herein are general in nature and refer to all works, regardless of type carried out, or planned to be carried out, by Asbestos Training Limited herein known as ‘The Company
  2. The term ‘In House’ refers to any suitable* premises that the client provides either at a place owned/rented by the Client or suitable premises hired or otherwise procured by the Client. The exact address of the venue will be required at the time of booking, any geographical changes made later may result in a surcharge or the possibility of the training date being amended.
  3. The term ‘Client’ refers to company booking the course, if a third party is to receive the training booked by our Client it is to be noted that said third party’s contract is with the named Client on our booking form and not with The Company.
  4. If, upon arrival, it transpires the wrong course has been booked, The Company will make every reasonable effort to accommodate the change of course but remind Clients that is their responsibility to book the correct training for their employees. Where a third party has booked the training via our Client it will remain the responsibility of the Client to ensure the correct training has been booked.
  5. If, upon arrival, our tutor is concerned for their own and/or the delegates Health, Safety and Welfare and having made the Client aware of the concern, these concerns have not been addressed satisfactorily our tutor will not remain onsite, but the Client will be charged full invoice value
  6. Work quoted for will be confirmed following the receipt of a Client order using The Company’s official booking form. Verbal orders will only be acted upon following the receipt of The Company’s official booking form. Any provisional dates discussed or offered remain purely provisional until said booking form has been received and whilst every effort will be made by The Company to accommodate a Clients preferred choice of dates in certain circumstances these may not always be available due to confirmed work elsewhere.
  7. The Company will collect and retain data that is necessary for us to provide our professional services to our Clients, now and in the future, in accordance with GDPR May 2018. We will also collect and retain data that will ensure our legal duties are met both now and in the future.
  8. The Client agrees to provide an adequate training room* for the number of delegates to be trained as per the details in the booking form and again with the confirmation of training issued. Where the course requires an examination, the client must ensure the room is suitably sized to accommodate an exam room layout, failure to ensure this may result in non-examination and a further charge may be made to arrange re-examination date payable by the client. *Minimum room sizes are detailed on The Company’s official booking form.
  9. All audio and visual equipment will be provided by The Company, but the client must provide a screen or wall to project on to, along with suitable power points for the tutors use, unless otherwise agreed prior to the planned training date.
  10. Where the delegates are required to complete an online training session, as a pre-requisite, to prepare them for the training booked it remains the responsibility of the Client to ensure this is done in a timely manner. If our tutor arrives and the delegates are NOT suitably prepared the training may be postponed and will be charged the full invoice amount. Where a compromised solution can be reached, this may require a further session to be booked and will incur an additional fee payable by the Client. It is to be noted that the additional session may not follow on directly from the original date due to prior engagements that the tutor may have. The Company reserve the right to substitute the original tutor with another member of staff due to prior commitments. The Company’s tutors are all UKATA Approved and Audited.
  11. Course fees include tuition by our tutor, all course notes, examination and all expenses incurred by The Company’s employees i.e. overnight and travel expenses. However, where costs are incurred for flights and car hire, these will be charged at cost.

Payment Terms

  1. All prices quoted by Asbestos Training Limited, The Company, with a view to undertaking work, are exclusive of VAT.
  2. All works will be invoiced on receipt of The Company’s official booking form or PO number and at least 14 days before works are carried out wherever possible. Late bookings will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  3. FULL payment must be received before any training courses commence, unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance.
    1. Any training where:
    2. The Company’s official booking form has not been signed and or not returned within 5 days of issue to confirm the date booked, can be cancelled or amended at our discretion or;
    3. payment has not been received will be cancelled 5 days before the training or site visit is due to commence, or;
    4. the client cancels the agreed booking, The Company reserve the right to charge a levy of 80% of the proposed works if cancelled more than 14 days prior to the work, less than 14 days will result in the full agreed sum being charged.
  4. The Company reserve the right to charge interest on the full invoice value of any overdue or non-payment invoice during dispute at a weekly rate of 8% above current base rate.
  5. The Company reserves the right to adjust prices quoted in its literature if necessary, after a 90-day period from publication of such literature, this will not affect fees already paid.
  6. Website advertised prices are subject to change without prior notification and may be subject to maximum distance conditions as advertised within the site and advertised prices may be restricted to a geographical boundary.