Logging In & Profile Page Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the course once I have a log in?
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Click here to go to the log in page.

I cannot log in to the system.
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Make sure that you are using the EXACT username and password you have entered into the system. If you cannot remember either of these (Click here) to re-set your username and password

I want to do the refresher but cannot log in
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Please make sure that you have the last UKATA certificate (the last certificate cannot be older than 18 months) Enter the details as below:-

  • Your full name as it appears on the previous UKATA Certificate 
  • The certificate numbers
  • The date that you undertook the previous UKATA training (this may be Face to Face or e-learning and could also be Non-licensed Works training if you only need Awareness going forward.

You can check your eligibility for previous training by clicking here.

I cannot complete the profile page can I have this completed for me?
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No, you must complete this or arrange for somebody to assist you as you must agree to the terms and conditions of the course.

I have started the Initial course can I please change it to The Refresher as I have found my previous certificate.
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You will need to complete the support page, as this is a reset that the office will have to make during normal working hours, alternatively complete the initial course, you will still be able to be issued a certificate once you have successfully passed.

Can I log in and log out when I like?
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Yes, you can, all the work that you have completed will be saved and when you log back in you can visit the ‘My Progress’ page and start where you left off. Please remember that you have 90 days to complete the course after you have logged in for the first time.

The profile page is auto filling with someone else’s name, what can I do?
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Please ensure that the correct name is inserted, if you continue with this profile name, this will be the name on the certificate, and we will not be able to change it after you have completed the course.

I have completed the Refresher course, but I can’t download my certificate?
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The reason for this is that you haven’t completed the profile page with your previous certificate details and therefor the system won’t allow you a refresher certificate as it has to be linked to your previous training. You will need to contact us to check this matter out and complete your profile page in order to generate the certificate.

I need to complete the refresher course, but I can’t find my own certificate?
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Please put in a request in for a copy of your old certificate via our website. We can only check our records and if you have completed this with another provider, you will need to contact that provider as we have no access to their system. Alternatively contact UKATA on 01246 824437 and they will be able to assist further.