I am the client what should I be doing?

I am the client - what should I be doing

Who is the Client? - Anyone who has construction work carried out for them.

The main duty for clients is to make sure their project is suitably managed, ensuring the health and safety of all who might be affected by the work, including members of the public. CDM 2015 recognises two types of client:

Under the CDM Regulations 2015 Commercial Clients, and For Domestic Clients who have a requirement for a construction project to be carried out in connection with a business, whether the business operates for profit or not must ensure that enough time and resources are available to deliver the project safely and without risk at every stage. This could be an individual, partnership or company and includes property developers and companies managing domestic properties.

Where asbestos is concerned the client must make the Principal Designer and the Principal Contractor aware of any information as early in the project as possible, usually at the pre-start meeting and certainly before the construction phase, or arrange for the surveys to be carried out so that the information gained can be used to plan, manage, monitor and co-ordinate Health & Safety of the project.