UKATA Approved Contactless Training

In these unprecedented times and uncertainty we believe we must do all we can to keep going without risk to our own health and that of those around us. We will continue to support industry whilst ensuring that our staff are protected and stay well.

Clearly using our UKATA Approved online system is a fast easy contactless method of staying safe and compliant, click on the link to book now.

UKATA have been monitoring the situation and have introduced new rules around Skype/video conferencing to take the place of face to face classroom training.

New Contactless Training has been approved for UKATA members and Asbestos Training Limited have reacted immediately to these new rules. We are well positioned to offer our clients this service, which will be monitored by UKATA Head Office to ensure all courses are delivered in accordance with the syllabus.

Call our offices now for full details on 01763 787150

Courses Covered:

  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Asbestos Awareness Refresher
  • Duty to Manage – Extension to Asbestos Awareness
  • Non-Licensable Refresher (Delegates must complete a TNA prior to the training)


Before being able to offer this training, UKATA were in direct contact with the HSE to ensure we would meet guidelines.
UKATA presented the following questions:

Q: Will there be a grace period for training certificates that are due to expire soon and where workers may not be able to get to a training course to refresh their training. Also, will workers be permitted to work with ACM’s without an in-date certificate of training?

HSE Response: The asbestos regs specifically require competence and describe training as a way towards that. If a worker is competent, they can work. If what is sought is an updating course that has been identified through TNA/company planned training then evidence of that planning (booking/letter /invoice / “letter of comfort”) is a reasonable approach to show that is going to happen in a reasonable timeframe. Obviously if a worker has shown by poor work standards that he needs a course or has never been trained - then they shouldn’t be working with asbestos in any case.

Q: Will there be a grace period for asbestos medicals as they are non-emergency and it would be difficult to obtain an appointment in the current circumstances?

HSE Response: HSE will also publish on appointed doctors/medicals as this affects more than the asbestos sector.


How UKATA is Supporting Members with the Coronavirus Outbreak .

Once this situation has been resolved UKATA will remove this relaxation.